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We're building a new backbone to fundamentally change the way you interact with your favorite podcast content. We're also reshaping the ecosystem to encourage creators to create more of the episodes you love.

Enhanced Podcasting

The Podcast App
You've Been Waiting For​

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You Really Feel

Through In-App Commenting & Discussions, you’ll have open access to a community of like-minded fans, as well as the podcast creators, to discuss episodes and provide constructive feedback!

Never Lose a Podcast Moment Again

With Instant Transcriptions, Smart Show Notes, and Advanced Topic Searching, Clever.fm segments Smart Chapters like a podcast fairytale! You can read show notes, and search & share moments with a simple keyword or topic search. You won’t lose your place or podcast moment ever again.

Get More Out of Podcasting

With Moment Highlighting and Note Taking, you can learn and engage with the content however you want — jot down some memorable quotes, bullet important topics or subjects, or write a poem inspired by the content. The world’s at your fingertips.

More Features Under Development

As we continue to expand the podcasting community, you have the opportunity to directly impact the future of Clever.fm by providing feedback about your user experience. If you want to change podcasting forever, download today.